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The Commencement of the “Month of Quality” Activity

As a response to the government’s “Notification on the 2017 Nationwide ‘Month of Quality’”, Trantest kicked off its first edition of “Month of Quality” activity in September. It has multi-purposes: to have a deeper understanding on the core values of company “innovation, quality, speed, and speed”; to serve the mission of “serving the society with our profession”; to achieve the vision of “win-win through cooperation and establish glory through profession”; to foster a good atmosphere in the company on quality; to enhance the teamwork spirit; and to raise quality awareness among all employees. On September 4th, the activity officially started, led by the spirit and themes of “standardization promotes quality”, “branding creates trust on quality”, “promote the spirit of craftsmanship”, and chanting slogans “pushing for quality revolution”. The activity will last for 3 months, during which there will be a series of quality training workshops and on-site quality events. Each department will set up its own QCC team, optimize its task quality, achieve a full participation where everyone raises awareness on quality.